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Porcelain Throne Books

“Sometimes during my bathroom breaks I don’t know what to read and I’m tired of seeing how perfect everyone is on Facebook and Instagram. Porcelain Throne Books really helps me out!”   — Literally Everyone

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Featuring Top Restroom Reads

such as…

Buccaneer Dan: The Most Fierce and Good-Looking Buccaneer of All Time in: A Quest for Treasure: Part 1

Join Buccaneer Dan and his crew of rapscallions in a thrilling and dangerous (and some say too violent) search for treasure.

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High School Musicarol (for Radio)

Zac Elfron, the Elf Boy, and his amazing girlfriend, Vanessa, go on a magical adventure as they try to discover what Zac should do after graduating from North Pole High.

And More in the Works!!!

  • The Revengers
  • Henry Prater, the Tech Wiz
  • Jan Wardle, Esq. Attorney for Ghosts
  • Jim Tripp the Mid-Level Manager
  • Short Stories